Stephen Hawking Children

Stephen Hawking Children

Stephen Hawking Children, Hawking, and Jane Waleed were married in 1965. And Stephen Hawking has three children. In May 1967, they had born a son named Robert Hawking. And on November 2, 1969, a daughter named Lucy Hawking was born. Then, on August 15, 1979, the second son, Timothy Hawking, was born.

The Elder Son Of Stephen Hawking

1. Robert Hawking

Stephen Hawking Children
Stephen Hawking Children

Robert is the eldest son of Professor Stephen Hawking and English author Jane Barrell Waleed, a well-known British software engineer.

Who is Robert Hawking?

Robert was born in the United Kingdom in May 1967, and he is a British Citizen. His father was Stephen William Hawking a British theoretical physicist, cosmologist Scientist, professor, and author. and his mom Jane Wilde.

Robert Hawking Education

Robert studied full software engineering at Oxford University. He has married and has two babies, a boy, and a girl, and lives with his family in Seattle, Washington.

Robert Hawking Career

He wanted to be a scientist. But now he has known as a software engineer and works at Microsoft before Microsoft he worked as a software engineer in Canada.

Robert Hawking Net Worth

As you know, Robert works as a software engineer at Microsoft and has an annual net worth of $5 million.

The Daughter Of Stephen Hawking

  2. Lucy Hawking

Catherine Lucy Hawking was born in the house of British Scientist and Professor Stephen Hawking and the writer Jane Wilde Hawking

Who is Lucy Hawking?

Lucy Hawking was born on November 2, 1969, in London. His father is theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and his mother is the author, Jane Wilde Hawking. Lucy Hawking is a British journalist, novelist, educator, and philanthropist. She writes children’s novels and is known as a science educator.

The elder brother has the name of Robert hawking he is a software engineer at Microsoft. And the Younger brother is Timothy Hawking which works at LEGO as an Obedience Executive.

She works as a Journalism, educator writer, fictionist, and author, Human friend in England. And now she has known around the world as a children’s novelist and science educator.

Lucy Hawking Education

Lucy Hawking studied Russian and French at Oxford University. While studying. He focused on his Russian education in Moscow. After education, he earned a degree in international journalism from the University of London. Then he started his journalism career there.

Lucy Hawking Career

After education from the university, Lucy Hawking spent some time as a journalist. She has written for New York Magazine, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the Times, the London Evening Standard. And The Guardian. But has also worked as a radio journalist.

She wanted to be a writer. And his first two novels had published. The first novel Jade in 2004 and the second Run for Your Life in 2005.


Lucy Hawking is vice president of National Star College. An organization that guides people with disabilities into personalized education and lifestyles.

The Little Son Of Stephen Hawking

  3. Timothy Hawking

Timothy Hawking is the youngest of the siblings. And the son of Professor and theoretical scientist Stephen Hawking, his mother is a writer. He works as a Loyalty Executive at LEGO.

Who is Timothy Hawking?

Timothy Hawking was born on April 15, 1979, in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. He learned Spanish at the University of Exeter and is a fan of Formula One racing. Talking about the details of his education, he completed a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Birmingham.

Timothy Hawking Career

Timothy Hawking’s career started with his first job as an accountant officer in different companies. When timothy was studying for his master’s Degree in Birmingham.

At the same company, he has received several promotions as Assistant Marketing Manager (2012), Loyalty Prizes Manager (2013). And is now working as a Group Brand Development Manager in London. And the total net worth is about $50,000.

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