Stephen Hawking Nobel Prize

Stephen Hawking Nobel Prize – Stephen Hawking had achieved many awards with his research & struggles. Stephen Hawking has considered one of the most intelligent scientists of the 21st century in the world of physics and cosmology, After Einstein. Although Hawking had not given the Nobel prize. But Hawking had endowed by GOD with the best of abilities, using them, Hawking surprised the world with his work. And now every child knows it.

How many awards had Stephen Hawking won?


During his expression with John Oliver, John Oliver had asked hawking. You had described that there could be an unlimited quantity of equal universes. did it mean that where had existed a universe?

Stephen Hawking’s response to John Oliver, “yes of course, and a universe too there hawking was very humorous”. his wisdom was Unprecedented as good as his abilities. And Due to his illness, he had to use a wheelchair and an artificial voice. Hawking loved his work, they struggled day and night for their cause.

Why didn’t Stephen Hawking win a Nobel Prize?

During in 1974, Stephen Hawking could had won the Nobel Prize for his invention of the black hole. While it had a great achievement, which had widely accepted by the Scientist. Hawking gave a rath lecture on the BBC in 2016, “It’s a pity I hadn’t awarded the Nobel Prize,” Hawking in funny.

So according to members of the Nobel Prize Foundation, theoretical and cosmology scientific inventions should be corroborated by practical statistics in order to obtain this prize. as you know, Black Hole was to some extent tough to practice.

Stephen Hawking had won 15 awards in his lifetime. Received the first Adams Prize in 1966 after analyzing the structure of space-time. And the Eddington Medal in 1975, the Hughes Medal. And the Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics in 1976, the Albert Einstein Award in 1978.

Does Stephen Hawking had a Nobel Prize?

Does Stephen Hawking have a Nobel Prize

Albert Einstein Medal in 1979, the Franklin Medal in 1981, and the Gold of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1985. Received a medal, won the Dirac Medal of the Institute of Physics in 1987, then the Wolf Prize in Physics in 1988, the Princess of the Asturias Award for Concord in 1989, the Copley Medal in 2006, and the Fonseca Prize in 2008. Won the President Medal of Freedom in 2009, and had awarded the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics in 2013.

Like section of one more long-standing scientist controversy, Hawking had Discussed with power and bet. The Higgs can never research. The particle had suggested by Peter Higgs in 1964 to present such as a part of the Higgs field theory.

Higgs criticized hawking work and claimed that hawking is immediately given a reputation as a famous personality that others did not have. The particle had invented in July 2012 at CERN subsequent to the building of the greatest Hadron Collider. He instantly Confessed so he had lost his bet. And said that Higgs should be awarded the Nobel Prize of Physics, which he obtained in 2013.

Although hawking had not obtained Nobel Prize. He was of course brilliant in the world of science, and his work will be remembered from generation to generation.

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