Stephen Hawking Wife

Stephen Hawking Wife

Stephen Hawking wife, his first marriage was on 14 July 1965 to jane beryl. Then in 1995, his second marriage with Elaine Mason. Hawking had two married.

1. Jane Beryl Wilde

Stephen hawking wife
Stephen hawking wife

She was born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK. she is a British writer and professor.

Jane Beryl Early Life & Education

The Jane beryl Wilde was born on 29 March 1944 at St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. And she studied languages at the University of London at Westfield College. Jane attended a party in 1962 where she met Stephen hawking through mutual college friends. She engagement with hawking in 1964 for marriage. And in 1965 they married in a family town of St Albans. Hawking divorced Jane in 1995 and married Elaine Mason in 1995.

Jane wrote a biography about her marriage in 1999 to Music to Two Movie Stars: A Life with Stephen. In 2004, Jane Hawking had televised in Lisa Dillon’s television film Hawking. And Felice Jones played Jane in the 2014 film Theory of Everything. Jones had then welcomed for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Jane Career

Jane began her early career as a teacher and then began writing books and magazines as well. The world now knows her as a writer and professor.

2. Elaine Mason

Stephen hawking wife
Stephen hawking wife

Elaine Mason was born in the United Kingdom. elaine began her nursing career at an orphanage in Bangladesh.

Early Life of Elaine

Elaine Mason was born on August 20, 1951, in the United Kingdom. Elaine began her nursing career at an orphanage in Bangladesh.

In 1985, after a tracheotomy, Hawking needed a nurse for 24 hours. And the nurses had divided into three shifts to care for hawking. In 1980, Stephen Hawking fell in love with one of his nurses, Elaine mason. Some friends and family became very angry with him. And Hawking told Jane in 1990 that he would divorce you for Alien. Hawking divorced Jane in 1995 and married Alien in September 1995. And before that, Alien married David Mason, an engineer.

In 2000, Hawking’s family told police that Hawking had physically abused. And Hawking did dismiss the complaint, saying he was in good health. Alien had to bear the charge. The couple divorced in 2006.

Elaine Career

Elaine mason began her career as a nurse at an orphanage in Bangladesh. In which she provided services for the health and care of children, and worked in this orphanage for four years. He has also served as Managing Director at Belvedere Made Limited.

She makes a lot of money from her professional career. And after the death of her ex-husband, she is now worth $20 million.

Remarriage with jane beryl Wilde hawking

Hawking then announced his intention to marry Jane again, saying he wanted to live his life again with his sons and daughter and their children. And he remarried Jane in 2006. But later, he became happy in his life. Reflecting on this happy time, one of Jane’s books, entitled Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen had published in 2007, and in 2014, Theory of Everything will be filmed.

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